This is the second in a series of posts that let you behind the curtain to see what we do for our clients, from branding to e-commerce, and beyond. Many thanks to our friends at Hatari for letting us share their client story with you.

Having a name like Hungry Volcano kick off a new identity is exciting. And having visuals of sweaty, sacrificial sauciness flying about is pretty fun but the first thing we do with a new a visual identity is competitor analysis.

What do these other brands look like? Turns out they’re mostly outdated and there’s a lot of direct spicy references, so it’s a favourable landscape where Hungry Volcano can stand apart from the rest.unnamed-3


Next, what is this brand about – well the name says it all, it’s food related, it’s bursting with hunger and it’s got an island slant to it…so we take a look at things to inspire.


Next, we do some sketches to explore the possibilities.


The result

Then we get into vector work, get team feedback to make sure we’re on the right track, and then review/edit/repeat as needed until we end up with something we’re excited to show the client. If all goes well, a client will love what they see. And in this case, they totally did.


So that’s how the visual identity came together! Now we’re on to designing the new e-commerce website.