Who said Calgary isn’t an innovative city? We’ve got 1000’s of startups, dozens of co-working spaces, investors, mentors and most importantly a thriving community of people rallying around innovation in Alberta.

One of these exciting innovations is a highly-unique public speaking mobile app called Charisma Pro. We are working with Avnish Mehta, CEO of Stand & Command and public speaking coach who’s mentored TED Talk presenters, he’s keen to help entrepreneurs and business professionals get a standing ovation.

Charisma Pro is a personal public speaking coach that trains you to be a more effective communicator by measuring the pitch, frequency, and power of your voice and comparing you to well-known speakers. Essentially, giving you a score of the charisma and engagement in your voice. The app is ideal for business professionals and entrepreneurs looking to hone in on their presenting, pitching, and sales skills.

Avnish’s co-founder Michael Brougham is a Vocal Acoustician (Sound Scientist) who’s built the app’s back-end algorithm to assure analysis accuracy. He’s been studying the vocal track and how voice pitch influences our impression of people for many years. His sound science training commenced under a master of the Bel Canto method of singing at the University of Alberta.


We Want to Hear What You Have to Say (Pun Intended)!

Interested in tinkering with new products and technology? We are currently looking for beta users to help guide user needs and market intelligence to build the best possible customer-centric experience for people like you. Your insight and behavior around public speaking are invaluable to our process, to assure we build  what people actually need. We are hoping you may want to join in on the beta fun at charismatrainer.com.

Early Adopter Beta Benefits:

You’ll start unleashing more of yourself and be able to speak more confidently in presentations, business meetings, networking events, interviews, and any other event where you need to make a lasting impression.

– Full Access to Charisma Pro’s Voice Coach App

– Train Yourself to Be a More Charismatic Speaker (Woo Your Audience)

– Better Understand the Science Behind Engaging People

– Be a Part of an Innovative Local Communications Initiative


Here’s what they can expect from our phased beta approach:

Phase 1: Public Speaking Discovery (6 min Survey)

Phase 2: Playing With the App (User Experience Feedback)

Phase 3: Help Guide New Features (Quick Polls)

*Plus thought leadership around how you can become a better public speaker.


Now is the time to make that business idea a reality. Many of the most successful companies like Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Microsoft, General Electric, FedEx, Disney, and IBM came from times of economic hardship (recessions, downturns, and financial crisis).  Let’s talk! Our team can help you from perfecting your idea, pitching materials, launching a company and the day-to-day digital marketing.

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