Two members of our creative team — Shauna Hartsook and Karen Chu Gervais — attended Type Camp workshops in San Francisco earlier this month. Fairgoods is a regular sponsor of Type Camp, including the SFO workshops, and we donated Jerk Balloons and Brief Greetings for the gift bags.


The first workshop took place at Adobe San Francisco HQ, a spacious, art-filled building that was inspiring enough on its own. Instructors Xandra Zamora and Shelley Gruendler took us through an exploration of hand-lettering with the parallel pen using both Blackletter and Neuland letterforms.

The second workshop took place at the amazing Letterform Archive, which is curated by Rob Saunders. Instructors Stephen Coles, Alexandre Saumier Demers, and James Edmonson demonstrated how to draw and select type.


The morning focused on a scribble technique that’s useful in creating or experimenting with new letterforms, and to practice lettering types in different weights. The afternoon was spent studying typefaces and how to select the right face for a project.


The whole experience was wonderful. If you’re interested in learning more about typography and design, you should definitely go to Type Camp.