A Cut Above Uniforms


Custom E-commerce Solutions

A Cut Above Uniforms offers comfortable, quality made uniform clothing and accessories for pilots. They came to Uppercut looking for help in moving their e-commerce website to the Shopify platform.

Industry: E-commerce
Challenge: Creating a custom e-commerce solution
Services: Branding & Logo design, Copywriting, UI & UX Design, Development


Challenges & Approach

The first challenge was to update the brand and redesigning the Cut Above Uniform logo. Next, we designed the template, set up the store, and loaded all the content and products onto Shopify for the client. The uniqueness of A Cut Above Uniforms is the multiple options offered on every shirt and pants to ensure a great fit, but the build-your-own uniforms customization posed a challenged on the Shopify platform because a limited number of variants are allowed on a product. We had to figure out a solution that didn’t break the budget while taking advantages of Shopify’s benefits. After much research, we identified the approach of using third-party plugins to make the build-your-own feature work on the e-commerce website.