Beep For Service


Building the TripAdvisor of Automotive Service

Matt Horne, CEO of DECO Windshield Repair, came to Uppercut with a vision of building an app to easily and remotely book customers for additional services too complex for DECO’s chip repair tents.  After building this internal app Matt saw an opportunity to make a B2C version of this app that would essentially be the “TripAdvisor for Auto Service”. These apps have helped carry DECO forward from a windshield chip and crack repair service to a connected company offering an easy solution for finding, booking, and paying for any auto service.

Industry: Automotive Services
Challenge: Creating digital transparency and aggregating automotive services
Services: UX and UI Design, iOS App Development, Web Development (original DECO site)

BeepForService Design Screens

Beep For Service allows customers to shop and compare the best prices on top-rated auto services all in one easy mobile app.


DECO Windshield Repair’s distinctive orange tents are a common sight in Calgary and across the nation with over 166 auto glass repair locations. They specialize in mobile chip repair but when a customer has a chip that isn’t repairable, they can recommend a local vendor for the replacement.

Challenges & Approach

Traditionally, if you had to get a windshield replaced you would have to email or phone various shops to request a quote. The time to receive that quote would vary and make it difficult to make a quick decision and book the service.

Most vehicle owners have experienced surprise or unexpected charges when they go to pick up their vehicle from the shop. Providing fixed rates tailored to each vehicle online would increase transparency and reduce these shocks for the consumer, ultimately increasing customer satisfaction.

Our objective was to build a tool for the DECO staff to easily quote and book windshield replacements on the spot, an end-to-end provider for DECO customers. Using the app is as simple as scanning a customer’s VIN and using the vehicle information to arrive at a fixed price for parts and labor, book the repair appointment, and pay for the upcoming service right on the spot.

The service was easily integrated into the DECO experience and customers were both surprised and impressed by how easily all of their automotive issues were being solved.

Evolution to a B2C Consumer App

All of the information DECO’s technicians were inputting into the app was easily accessible by the customers themselves, and was typically all of the information an automotive service provider needed to quote a large range of services. With this insight, DECO decided to create Beep for Service (app) for consumers with the capability to quote, book, and pay for services including oil changes, tire services, vehicle check-up, windshield replacement, auto detailing, inspections, and more.

Insight and learning from the company's first app inspired Beep For Service.


DECO was able to validate the problem and gather user feedback through DECO reps talking directly with their customers. Beep for Service finds the best prices on top-rated auto services near you, by offering a fixed price on a wide range of warranty approved non-mechanical auto services. The customer experience feels easy and hassle-free which is the most common pain point of shopping around and booking your car in for automotive service.