Easy Employee Engagement App

Created by our human resources director, she wanted to a build a simple tool that helped managers and employees communicate more often and more effectively. Confab pitched and won Startup Weekend Calgary 2013 and Canada Cloud Council Showdown Banff 2013. Excited by the opportunity, we used the Lean Startup Methodology as our approach to creating and managing the development of the Confab product.

It was a fun process for the team to name, create a logo and brand for Confab. From there, we built a basic working prototype to collect feedback, then went on to design and developed an MVP which was rolled out to a select number of target businesses. We solicited ongoing feedback through the product that fed into a constant cycle of iterating and testing.

Industry: Human Resources
Challenge: Creating a web app tool for managers and employees
Services: Naming, Logo and Branding; UI and UX Design, Web App Development

Confab Logo
Confab app