Hungry Volcano


Evolving an Online Hot Sauce Emporium

Our client Hatari sells their line of hot sauces online while also operating a hot foods e-commerce website they acquired called Uncle Big’s Fiery Foods. They asked for Uppercut’s help to rebrand and rebuild Uncle Big from the name up.

Challenge & Approach

The first challenge was to rename the company, and with any naming project, start by looking at how a client’s competitors are marketing themselves. The highest ranked online stores with product selections comparable to Uncle Big had sound-alike names like Hot Sauce World and Hot Sauce Emporium. Knowing this gave us two directions to explore: follow the trend or differentiate.

We decided that our client would benefit most from differentiation. And since their new website would feature product categories like hot spices, rubs, and extracts, a more all-inclusive name shouldn’t include the words “hot sauce” at all.

For the new website, we decided to select the e-commerce platform, Shopify because of our client’s needs and goals. Shopify offers many professional themes that are easy to work with and make small custom additions. Taking this streamlined approach helped us to quickly launch a website that did not have to compromise on design because of the budget.


We created a new identity which includes stationery, signage, packaging, and an e-commerce website using Shopify. Our client was very excited and happy with the final outcome.

Hungry Volcano on Shopify