Helping to Build a Social Shopping App

The Maybe* app helps shoppers decide by asking for feedback and advice through social media and conveniently saves all favorited items in one place. Once a decision is made, users can shop anytime with any retailer through the app.

Industry: Internet
A seamless experience 
UX and UI Design, Web and Mobile iOS Development



In our ongoing relationship, we work in two-week sprints. For each sprint, we are briefed on the next set of features/functionality. We engage in thoughtful discussions and evaluation of the opportunities and challenges; then the tasks are prioritized for design (UI & UX) and development (web and iOS). We like to think of ourselves as an extension of their team to help them scale and move their business forward.

Maybe* web app

Challenge & Approach

We solved the complexity of creating a seamless user experience across multiple platforms – iOS, Chrome extension, and the web. The UI had to be consistent and appropriate for the platform and users have the option to sign-up/sign-in with email & password, social media or magic link using. Development tools include AWS, S3, CloudFront, Parse server and Angular.

Geolocation trigger was implemented on the iOS app to connect online and offline shopping. Get notified when walking by a nearby store with offers relating to items saved in the app. This service is currently only available in the UK.

Maybe* iOS App
Maybe* app shoe