Mindfulness Training for First Responders

Our team designed, coded, and branded Mimentra — an app offering first responders and their families preventative and early support for operational stress injuries such as PTSD — with Mindful Mental Training Inc. The app delivers comprehensive mindfulness training, in short and approachable sessions that can be completed at the user’s own pace. Over time, users can also select from numerous audio and visual guided meditations and track their progress towards establishing a mindfulness practice. To create a more personalized and engaging user experience, the app includes a scripted chat interface.

Industry: Mindfulness, Health & Fitness
Challenges: Offer first responders and their families preventative and early support for operational stress injury.
Services: UI & UX Design, App Development, Chatbot, Branding

Mimentra Logo


Our client had spent years working in the field of mental health and addiction as a registered nurse and felt that the market lacked an extensive and effective mindfulness app targeted specifically towards people struggling with operational stress injuries (OSI) like first responders and high-stress professionals. Uppercut helped Mimentra with a logo and brand, mobile app design and development.

Challenges & Approach

Starting something new is often the biggest hurdle for people and for our users, using Mimentra may be the first time they begin a mindfulness practice. Which makes it important that the app remove any guesswork from starting and maintaining a mindfulness practice by providing clear, gentle instruction on where and how to begin. The app would also track progress and lead users through a program aimed to help prevent or reduce operational stress injury.

Given that most of the content within the app is delivered through audio, we had to decide whether or not we would include all of the content on the app or if we would host it and allow users to stream or download it as needed. With our users and subject matter, the better solution for the app is to not be dependant on cell reception or WiFi by containing all the content within the app in the initial download. This also meant that there were no costs associated with hosting and decreased load times, making content accessible when our users need it.

We proposed a chatbot and developed a conversation flow for the chatbot to help users begin each time they opened the app. The chatbot begins the conversation differently depending on whether or not the user had previously used the app, and if they had, it would attempt to lead them to the most logical next step in their mindfulness practice. The script and flow of the conversation are stored in a JSON file, making it easy to edit or add new conversation pieces as features are added to the app.