Renoworks - home visualization ipad app



Building A Presentation App

Renoworks specializes in visualizer software for home builders and the home-remodeling industry to sell products to potential clients. Renoworks conducted a consumer survey report in 2016, and found 85% of homeowners find visualization helpful in making a purchase decision. We were approached to help them build the mobile app in which contractors can use to help customers picture the final results using images of their home.

Challenge. Create a simple user interface for customers to easily edit photos of their home and produce realistic rendering results.

Renoworks Pro


UI & UX approach. Our goal was to create a simple and intuitive experience – upload a photo, apply product and colour options to the home, and save/share the virtual home solution. The most challenging part to solve was the project editor screen because we wanted the home photo to appear quite large on the iPad screen and not be hidden by the editing tools. Once the photo has been uploaded, the user has to define the shapes of a door, window, roof, carpet, countertop, etc, in order for the app to properly visualize new product options. Our solution was a minimal interface that allowed users to create the shapes by gesture-based drawing including rectangles, freeform lines and tap-to-draw. In addition, the app is easy to personalize and rebrand it to any company who subscribes to the service.

Development approach. The app features a custom-built rendering engine that is capable of rendering a variety of products such as doors, garage doors, and windows with complex logic and a large assortment of options and arrangements.

Editing a home supports layers and setting perspective of any arbitrary polygonal shapes created by gesture-based shape drawing which includes rectangles, freeform lines, and tap-to-draw.