A special device recently landed in our studio. Its a brain-sensing headset called Muse built by InteraXon out of Toronto. The device uses sensors to measure and track your brainwaves, and with the help of an accompanying mobile app called Calm promise to make the user more relaxed, focused and stress-free. The app guides you through meditation exercises and then calculates your level of calmness over time by measuring your brainwaves. Everything is plotted on a chart for you to review and track progress.

We tried it out and were all intrigued by the play between our mental activity and the calmness rating delivered by the app. It is easy to understand how one can control their heart rate or breathing, but understanding how to have an affect on an intangible biometric like brain waves left us wondering. We thought what if we could create a tool to work with the headset that could provide more immediate feedback. Something that makes it easier to understand the means in which we can control our brain waves.

With that thought we kicked off a side project to create an app that would allow users to explore their brain waves in real time. Here is a sneak peek at our progress.

Preliminary UI Design


Brain Wave Rendering Development

Stay tuned for more development updates on this project.